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     FRIATEC AG is a specialist company for products made of non-corroding and wear-resistant materials. We develop innovative solutions for the global market in dialogue with our customers.

    Partner of a powerful community

    Since 2003, FRIATEC AG has been a member of the ALIAXIS group of companies with headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. ALIAXIS is the worldwide largest producer of plastic pipe systems for the construction industry, the industry and utilities.

    :The ideal supplement: laboratory sinks

    As with benchtops, laboratory sinks are an essential element of every laboratory. Sinks need to withstand acids, bases and solvents. For your individual requirements FRIDURIT Laboratory Technology offers laboratory sinks made from Technical Ceramics or Polypropylene

    Technical Ceramics is a high performance material designed to withstand the ongoing punishment of a modern laboratory environment.

    Polypropylene offers joint free sink surfaces, sinks and system modules, which require no maintenance. Welded with no joints it is ideal for microbiological laboratories.
    With our variety of colours and sizes we can satisfy our customers’ requirements. FRIDURIT laboratory sinks fit in every laboratory – school, university or industry.

  • Nouva FAR
    Nouva FAR
     Since 1953 year of its foundation, FAR always grew to the extent of asserting its leadership as company in the field of taps for laboratories, hospitals and schools.

    The growing acknowledgement of FAR on the markets it acquired is the result of a continuous and constant commitment in the design and manufacturing of products capable of meeting the most different market’s requirements.

    Thanks to a production with high quality standards and the use of certified and high quality raw materials, FAR makes available for its customers taps with a good quality, guaranteed not only by the experience in the sector but also by the strictness of the tests.


    All material processing operations are carried out with technologically advanced machines, numeric controlled lathes, CNC welding centers, transfer, epoxy and epoxy polyester powder painting cab, static heating furnace, computerized test bench, etc.

    The brass used is completely free from ferrous substances and is used in the form of drawn bars or hot pressed. The alloy used for the brazing is  Cadmium free.

    Before painting, taps are completely degreased both externally and internally thanks to the use of a mix of hot water and soap in an ultrasound vat.

    This guarantees the absence of polluting substances in the tap when used and this is always fully environment friendly.


    FAR’s products quality is further guaranteed by the test of all the taps through the use of a computerized test bench, which gives the possibility to send to the customers a final inspection report, indicating all the test values for each single tap and other useful information.


    As guarantee of taps quality FAR has an internal calibration system for the measurement instruments and a thickness gauge with NAMAS certified reference films to check painting thickness.


    Packaging A special attention is given to packaging and shipment of goods to avoid any damages during transportation.

  • The Rosenborg Group
    The Rosenborg Group

    Air conditioning and ventilation technology is our world

    Air is our element – moving it intelligently and efficiently is our passion. Since 1981 we have been developing and producing adjustable external rotor motors, fans and air handling units.


    Our headquarters is located in Künzelsau. German Engineering skill is the basis of our development work and drives our innovation. As a worldwide company we are represented where our customers need us.


    The continuous exchange of information between customers and employees comes first with us. Consequently, we can permanently optimise products and quality to respond flexibly to all of our customers’ needs.

    Our success factors

    The complete range of motors, fans and air handling units is mainly manufactured in the Rosenberg Group’s own production sites.  From technical advice via assembly to delivery of air handling units that are wired ready for connection, the customer receives all services first-hand from the Rosenberg Group.


    Our production steps – from motor to controller – make us more independent from suppliers and allow us to respond flexibly to our customers’ wishes. In short: We are good at troubleshooting.  We are already in direct contact with the customer during the development and planning phase and therefore we can fulfil special requirements quickly and on an individual basis. Our aim is to ensure that our clients are satisfied. 

    Our claim - we stand for uncompromising quality

    We do not make any compromises on the quality and reliability of our products. We have obtained certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001, Eurovent certification (series Airbox F40 and T60) as well as being members of the RLT-Herstellerverband Raumlufttechnische Geräte, the German manufacturers’ association for ventilation and air conditioning equipment, which confirm our expertise and know how in the development and production of ventilation equipment.

    In our own company laboratories we have modern measurement equipment at our disposal to measure and analyse the flow and sound characteristics of our fans and air handling units.  Our test are tested and certified by TÜV Süd according to the European standard DIN EN 5801. Therefore the reliability and accuracy of the Rosenberg measurement equipment, and hence the accuracy of the products’ performance data have been confirmed by an independent body. The tested data and curves are the sole basis for our product catalogues and selection program.

  • Nederman

    The Nederman Group is a world leading supplier and developer of products and solutions within the environmental technology sector.

    As a global leader in industrial air filtration and resource management, we are committed to playing a vital role for sustainable and efficient industrial production.



    All our solutions combine care for the environment and for employee health by improving work efficiency and production economy, making our products both ecologically efficient and economically efficient. In our vision we combine these two concepts under a common name: eco-efficiency.

    New generation of BenchTop extraction arms with unbeatable flexibility

    Nederman introduces a new generation of BenchTop arms - the FX50, FX75 and FX100. These arms represent state-of-the-art technology based on Nederman’s extensive experience of creating solutions to provide safe and clean working environments. The arms are made of anodized aluminium tubing with polypropene joints, offering strength and durability combined with light and easy handling. They are especially suitable for applications where small, fl exible and easy-to-use arms are required to eliminate smoke, gases, dust and particles. For example, when soldering and gluing or handling solvents and noxious substances. Nederman BenchTop arms are designed to

    provide many years of trouble-free operation.

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